Digital Strategy to drive Positive Change.

A webinar series for charities, social enterprises and cultural organisations. 

It is easy to think of “digital” as a deliverable or channel among many.
For us, it is so much more than that: A point of view. A way to think about relationships with customers, donors, stakeholders and other users through screens of all sizes. 

Digital Strategy to drive Positive Change is a webinar that explores different ways to help you unlock a new way of building, maintaining and leveraging relationships through digital.

Webinar: Digital Strategy to drive Positive Change 

Wednesday, August 16th, 11am – 12pm
30 seats available

  1. Egle HeinsManaging Director / Co-Founder for Strategy & Impact @ More Yum Studio
  2. Michael HeinsCreative Director / Co-Founder for Design & Technology @ More Yum Studio

More Yum’s values and approach were clear from day one and it helped the teams build trust very quickly. Their challenge was always predicated on securing the best possible outcome – we felt they cared as much as we did about being there for our community.

Jo NoveDirector of Strategy, Communications, & Brand, Myeloma UK

  1. Episode 1

    User-centric digital strategy

  2. Episode 2

    Interactive narratives

    Coming Soon!
  3. Episode 3

    Data Visualization

    Coming Soon!

We use design to connect brands, marketing, websites and digital products to transform our clients’ organisations and drive positive change.

Our clients are the people who want to make real change. We help them imagine a more optimistic tomorrow to push into the next step of their business – from digital-first brands to entire digital ecosystems.