Our clients are the people who want to move the needle. They are the people who think big in order to make a difference. Their missions are to make Scotland a better place to live, foster a generation of innovators and improve the nature of work, just to name a few. They are also good people.
Our mission is to help them put a stake in the ground and make a stance  to create better connections and more impact. How? We design and build digital brand experiences for ambitious people to drive positive change.
We are a design studio driven to create measurable, thoughtful and human work. To do this, we work with our clients to understand what makes their businesses better. More Yum, less Fluff.

Over the many years of working with More Yum, they have been consistently fantastic at designing brands and products that are fresh, differentiated, and loved by our customers.

Varun Nair, Co-founder ThatWorks.xyz,
Ex-Facebook Head of AR/VR Audio Software

We are five!

We are five!
Five years ago, our Co-Founders Egle and Michael decided to bring together the range of a digital agency and the focus of an in-house team with one simple goal: More Yum with Less Fluff. We’re excited where this journey has taken us and where we will go next!

Lamb's House

We have moved

We have moved to our new office in Lamb’s House right at the Shore in sunny Leith. Come and say hi!

Scotland CanB

We have just finished working with Scotland CanB on their refreshed brand narrative. It is an honour to work at an ecosystem level in Scotland, and to help move the country closer to the Wellbeing Economy. Case study coming soon.


We are happy to successfully take part in CivTech 5 and have gone through to the prototyping round, alongside our client Matter of Focus and their product OutNav.

MSc Design and media


We are back teaching at the MSc Design & Digital Media at the Edinburgh College of Art, running lectures and workshops about typography, interaction design, creative direction and running effective projects.

The logo "Miso Legal" sits on abstract blocks


We are currently working with an exciting new LawTech startup. Full work coming soon!