Beer52 is the UK’s biggest craft beer club with more than 30,000 monthly subscribers.

We helped on both the marketing and product side to ensure their service is as good as the drink they serve. We worked from their offices to understand what operations, logistics, founders and support were telling us so we could bring it all under one roof.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Product & User Experience
  • D2C & Drinks
  • Technology
A landscape screen depicts a screenshot of the Beer52 “Craft beer discovery club ” page.
A mobile phone style screen depicts the Beer52 “Welcome” page on a racing green background
An illustration of a Beer52 truck sits on an off-white background.

We helped unify their brand assets and brought their offbeat personality into each and every interaction with the Beer52 brand. From there, we could simplify but optimise checkout processes, and upsell the beer club membership.

A montage of various screens for Beer52, illustrations and three beer bottles with the text “Discover the No 1 Beer52 Subscription Box”
A yellow background with a white circle in the foreground. Inside the circle is the question “Why send flowers when you can send beer?” and featured two illustrations of a character and and a anthropomorphised pint
A mobile phone style screen depicts the Beer52 Time “How it works” page on a blue background. There are three illustrations on the page of a truck, someone walking on the Earth and bottles on a winners’ podium
A montage of three mobile screens for Beer52. All screens feature bottles or boxes of beer and illustrative text.
A screenshot of the Beer52 user dashboard
A screenshot of a Beer52 page depicting the user’s favourite beers

We also designed their very first bottle shop, extending our user research and findings into eCommerce. This included a monthly 'Edit of Beers' recommended by the dangerously knowledgeable Beer52 team.

A landscape screen depicts a screenshot of the Beer52 “Budweiser Budvar ” page.
An illustration of a man stands on a bottle of beer, which is on its side. Beside the illustration there is the text “The best online beer shop” Underneath “From the finest IPAs to speciality small-batch brews, discover the best beers online in our bottleshop.”
A mobile phone style screen depicts the Beer52 “The Edit” page on a black background
A can of beer sits on a white background
A snapshot of a landscape brochure page featuring beer sits next to a mobile phone showing a sign up page.

Working with More Yum, we were able to completely redesign our beer club signup flow, online magazine and web shop. They really understood how to make user-friendly designs and helped to challenge our own assumptions about our product. We had many productive discussions together and created new features of our site that we're all really proud of. I would highly recommend their work!

Fraser DohertyCo-Founder, Beer52