Dayshape is Scotland’s fastest growing tech company, three years in a row.

We came on board to help them develop a visual language that represents their values-focused ethos, while ensuring their enterprise audience would feel confident in their professionalism and innovative approach.

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Digital screenshot of Dayshape site stating “Al powered Resource Management Software for Professional Services. Optimise your workforce like never before “Book a demo” and there is a video player with three people standing on some stylised hills.

We tend to start large scale projects by running a tight brand positioning workshop to eliminate time waste and get all stakeholders on the same page. We came into the first workshop knowing very little about Dayshape as a business, their culture, aspirations and sectors in which they operate.

Working with the whole leadership team helped us get the answers necessary to start the branding journey. It also eliminated ambiguity and misconceptions between the founders and the wider team when it came down to the core question: Who are Dayshape as an organisation?

Airts logo
Dayshape logo
“Our mission is to improve people's working lives. Dayshape” sits on a black background
An orange left hand column has a circle with a purple and orange high-fiving: the right two thirds of the screen say ”What is Dayshape? Al powered Resource Management Software for Professional Services. People first, always. 16 circular icons overlay the bottom of the screen.
A two-row carousel of different images with staff members and the text “Dayshape ranked Scotland’s fastest-growing technology company for the third year running” and “Describe Dayshape in one word
A montage of business cards, promotional items and company onboarding materials with Dayshape identity branding. An orange folder states “”Redefine what’s possible and a pad state “Shape your day”

We defined the illustration style by actively staying away from office-based illustrations which can feel corporate or unoriginal. We took inspiration from Scottish landscapes to visualise ideas such as exploration, working together, goal-setting and the ability to see situations from diverse perspectives.

Three illustrated figures scale a mountain in Dayshape’s colour palette
A montage of business cards, promotional items and company onboarding materials with Dayshape identity branding. An orange folder states “”Redefine what’s possible and a pad states “Shape your day”
A landscape digital screenshot states “Our mission is to improve people's working lives” and what Dayshape are and a section below states “Our story” with text. A mobile screenshot states “What is resource capacity planning?” There is a stylised image of scales. Both screenshots sit on a purple background.
A man stands on landscape on the left hand of the image. One the right side, there are three stylised figures on a mountain. Someone points to the distance, they are reading something in Dayshape orange. A mobile screenshot outlines desired skills for a role and invites the user to “Maximise your team's potential” and lists some benefits of Dayshape and the purple call-to-action states “Explore people first planning”

In order to show the depth of their product, we worked closely with their product marketing team to define a way to illustrate key features.

An image of Dayshape’s Resource Scheduling resource on their resource management software. There is illustrative text listing the features and benefits
A blue screen with white text stating “The Principles of Performance: The case for people-inspired resource management” with a puzzle cube with Dayshape’s branding. Text below says “Download report”
A orange billboard sits on a street stating l powered Resource Management Software for Professional Services.” and features three stylised people on to of a mountain. One figure points to a boat with three people sailing in it.
A grey image with a tablet with a diagram on it. To the right of the tablet, there are four presentation screens.

The More Yum team feels like an extension of our own. Our work is based on trust, collaboration, and creativity - and lots of it! Consistently going over and above, they make our ideas happen.

Lara Eunson, Content Marketing Manager, Dayshape

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    A mobile on a yellow background shows an illustrated surfer with the text “We make scheduling work for you, your customers and your team”


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