SpeakGaelic is the most ambitious campaign to rejuvenate Scottish Gaelic learning since 1991, led by MG ALBA in partnership with the BBC, The Scottish Government, Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (the National Centre for Gaelic Language and Culture).

We worked with various teams on a year-long project on the brand, a design system, marketing materials, and an online learning system.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Product & User Experience
  • Website
  • Culture & Social Impact
“A new generation of Gaelic learning” navy text on a white background with coloured confetti.

The biggest challenge was to avoid any Scottish clichés and make SpeakGaelic look new and fresh. The central brand element is a stylised grave accent (ù / à / ì) as a clear and easy to understand entry point into a new but ancient language. The visual system evolves around it in various ways, ranging from direct to playful.

“SpeakGaelic” white text sits on a broken white line. The words are in two steps
“Our vision is to transform the uptake and usage of Gaelic.” navy text sits on a bright green rectangle on its axis on a white background
Joy Dunlop sits in the driver’s seat of a white SpeakGaelic branded taxi in in front of a SpeakGaelic billboard
A montage of SpeakGaelic branding elements which include website elements and the colours used in the brand guidelines and how they work with BBC brands logos, which are also featured.
The SpeakGaelic homepage sits on a dark blue background. The SpeakGaelic homepage features Joy Dunlop and there is a large blue confetti piece stating “Start your Gaelic journey”. The SpeakGaelic partner logos are also featured.
A montage of four mobile phone screens depict various screens
A landing page is shown giving the user access to “All Online Courses” of SpeakGaelic. It encourages users to “Set your learning goals and learn Gaelic now”.
A tablet shows the SpeakGaelic map of Scotland which shows users where they can learn Gaelic. Learning centres and tutors’ locations are marked with a green pin. To the right is a photograph od Joy Dunlop who holds an open SpeakGaelic branded umbrella
A landing page is shown encouraging the user to become a Gaelic tutor. There is illustrative text next to an image of two people on laptops.
A montage of SpeakGaelic course materials, promotional items and brand guidelines.
A green background patterned with darker green confetti is overlaid with a mobile screenshot of Calum MacLean on SpeakGaelic instagram live. To the right of this screen is a second screenshot of the SpeakGaelic instagram grid.
A montage of BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds screens for SpeakGaelic on a variety of devices
Four Course Overview documents for each course A1, A2, B1 and B2
A montage of four pictures of Joy Dunlop and a mobile view of the A1 course.

We built an online learning system that is open and free to the public but effectively needs to compete with established apps such as Duolingo. To do it justice, we went through multiple rounds of user interviews, design and technical prototyping, testing and feedback.

A screenshot of the SpeakGaelic user dashboard
A montage of mobile phones depicting various SpeakGaelic screenshots
A montage of desktops depicting various SpeakGaelic screenshots
A variety of SpeakGaelic pin badges are displayed on a blue denim background
A SpeakGaelic tote bag featuring a Gaelic proverb
A SpeakGaelic mug featuring a Gaelic proverb
Someone wearing a SpeakGaelic t-shirt featuring a Gaelic proverb holding a SpeakGaelic book
A SpeakGaelic clock featuring a Gaelic proverb

More Yum, less yuck. Working with More Yum is a complete joy. They completed the branding and the website for a multi-platform project - with a jigsaw of stakeholders and they were just as passionate as us. They make your life easy and pick highly skilled team members who complement yours – they build a team. Finally, More Yum share knowledge about digital matters in a conversational tone. I’m sad that this project is over as I have enjoyed working with them.

Eilidh LewseyOnline Learning Manager, MG ALBA