Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is the biggest high-end HiFi trade show in the Americas with over 6,000 annual visitors. Their challenge was to reach a younger audience without abandoning their existing customers.

What started as a strategic rethink of how they speak to their customers became a full reimagination of how they communicate across all channels.

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  • Website
  • Culture
A photograph of the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival "More than Sound" billboard

We refreshed their existing icon and all brand assets, starting with colour, typography and a wider design system, taking cues from the modularity of HiFi components.

"Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest" and the icon on a blueblackgorund in the top half of image. The bottom half is split up into ten blocks, each block is a different colour and houses the festival's icon in a contrasting colour
A crowd shot with three banners in green yellow and red explaining that the festival is staged over three floors, across four days, has 46 musicians, 352 exhibitors and showcases 974 products
A flag states "Welcome to the Show"
A door-hanger sign states "Thurber Audio speakers" and the number 204"
Three exhibitor lanyards each featuring a different name "Egle Petrauskaite", "Ramsay Thurber" and "Martin Parker"
Three directional cubes direct people to the bar toilets and reception and visual icons depict these areas

An extensive UX discovery phase unearthed key insights into customer behaviour before, during and after the show. This led to an entirely revamped user flow and site architecture, and we designed a comprehensive component library for the new website.

A website screenshot showcasing "More than Sound", the festival information and buttons to participate in "America's largest consumer audio show"
Screenshot of "Rates and tickets" webpage
A hand holds a mobile phone which shows the top of the schedule for the festival
A montage of More Yum's designs for the Rocky Mountain Music Fest

We designed a custom piece of software to produce generative outputs baed around the design system and grid-led concept. This way we could generate thousands of unique brochure covers, social media posts and blog assets.

Three mobile screens "New Product for 2019", "Introducing the new pro-ject Essential III Phone showing at RMAF 2019" and "Get your tickets online, to find our more or to get tickets visit our website"
Shownotes for 2020: One page is openWelcome to RMAF 2020. These are the shownotes for Gustav Meyer of CPH Audio
10 different shownotes covers. Some say 2020 shownotes and some say The festival is staged over three floors, across four days, has 46 musicians, 352 exhibitors and showcases 974 products
Nominations for the RMAF 2019 press awards for turntables under 1,500 Euro
"Reference tunes for 2020"

While honoring its core business, The Rocky Mountain International Audio Show engaged More Yum in order to convey the traditional tactile environment of tradeshows to potential exhibitors and audience members over digital platforms. More Yum renders “digital diagnoses” that sometimes will change the whole way you think about your own business. Something I was not expecting. You will not find a more creative, disciplined or conscientious group and surely not one that emphasizes all three. They consider all aspects of your business evolution, budget and future growth. If you are looking to honor the past and shift to the future More Yum will digitize the path.

Ramsay Thurber, Head of Operations, RMAF

SpeakGaaelic's Calum MacLean holds a loudspeaker


A new generation of Scottish Gaelic learning
    A mobile phone style screen depicts the Beer52 “Welcome” page on a racing green background


    Let the beer flow
      “Anna Thurber” is in between the in and life in “Frozen in Life” and the background is Anna’s Art featuring flora and fauna. The initials AT feature in an oval in the O

      Anna Thurber

      Capturing the artistic essence of frozen botanicals