Anna Thurber

Anna Thurber is an artist who makes incredibly intricate frozen floral compositions. Her work is delicate and deeply emotional.

We helped her communicate her vision through a formal brand identity, a new website and an online shop. We also built an app for her to catalogue her work to build a living archive of the flora of New England.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Digital Experience
  • Culture & Social Impact
A logo for “Anna Thurber” with a background of flowers in ice

The single premise for all design work was for it to be in service of her art, not fighting for attention. It was crucial to evoke a sense of her work even on a white sheet of paper – using composition, typography and colour.

A logo for “Anna Thurber” on a page with shadows of leaves
Two leaflets for “Botanicals in ice”
A montage of designs for Anna Thurber, in the foreground is a pink leaflet stating “All around us, every moment. things are changing. Nothing ever stays the same. My art - the art of frozen botanicals captures the ever-changing, always unpredictable progress of time.” There is also a mobile featuring information on Freezing Flowers”.
An “invite” with yellow flower artwork in the upper right corner
An image for “summer ‘20”
A book sits in the shadow of a monstera plant
“Botanicals In ice” page with subtext “by Freezing Botanicals” and an explanation “documenting the flora of New England”
A screenshot of a webpage is on the left hand side of the image with a picture of Anna Thurber and a quote “Freezing Flowers is not just freezing flowers”. There are also some paragraphs. There is a mobile phone featuring the “Botanicals in Ice” page and the top of another phone sits underneath.
Three mobile phone are side by side each showing a “Event Installations” mobile view page “Freezing Flowers is not just "Freezing flowers”” and finally “SELECT ONE ATMOSPHERE” “Energy’” “Nature” “Time” “Atmosphere “ “Find your artwork” “Purchase Artwork” page Artwork Is for sale. We invite you To look at her favorite pieces
A screenshot of the "Purchase artwork" page

We built a custom app for her to upload her work to the site. Along the way, we recognised colour to capture her artistic intent. We used this information to sort the work on the website, and generate unique pages for each piece.

A montage of Anna's work
Colour palette More Yum used for Anna Thurber
Anna's art of a frozen flower sits in the foreground on a gradient of black and pinkk
Offset columns of mobile phones on a black background. Each phone features a different screen

I pioneered a form of art featuring frozen botanicals. At exhibitions, the public praised my art, but this type of expression left many confused as it is complex, scientific and dramatic. To contextualize my passion to a greater audience I employed More Yum Studios. Their methodically intuitive approach led to a sophisticated set of technical assets. They embodied my vision through digital mediums. My endeavours can be understood to the world at large. A gift that I did not think was possible.

Anna Thurber Artist

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