Anna Thurber – Frozen in Life

Frozen in Life is a location-specific body of work by artist Anna Thurber. She creates floral compositions in ice that respond to time, location and people, and are exhibited right on location, beginning at the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, MA.

We are currently working with Anna on the artistic concept, digital exhibition and wider communication. Full case study coming soon.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Digital Experience
  • Culture & Social Impact
“Anna Thurber” is in between the in and life in “Frozen in Life” and the background is Anna’s Art featuring flora and fauna. The initials AT feature in an oval in the O
An advert for “Frozen in Life” by “Anna Thurber” at Charles River Esplanade at Vernal Equinox 2022. Anna’s art is featured.
A tablet is in the foreground stating “A three-day open-air sculpture gallery on for Fielder field on the Charles River Esplanade in honor of the Vernal Equinox 2022”. Small images of Anna’s art feature.
A quote from Anna “The lifecycle of flowers animates me and drives me to document the process as I capture the flowers, seed pods, full blooms, and spent petals. The temporary nature of the pieces I create is essential to the process. My time and energy are reduced to a pool of water and soggy stems, mirroring the rhythm of the seasons, and of course, then there are the images.” A picture of Anna is ​​in the centre and users are invited to “Watch the film” with an accompanying icon.
An advert for “Frozen in Life” by “Anna Thurber” at Charles River Esplanade at Vernal Equinox 2022. Anna’s art is featured in the centre.

We are currently prototyping real-time feedback to connect the digital and physical exhibition.

The top of the page says “People are feeling…” and six columns each feature a coloures shape and a word: “hopeful” “light hearted” ”thoughtful”, “connected’, ”thoughtful”, and “melancholic”
Two columns of rows of pictures of Anna’s work feature on the left-hand side of the image of a black background which states “Enquire about purchasing Frozen life artwork” with a white button “See all artwork”.
Screenshot of a webpage “EXPLOSIONS OF MAPLE” LIMITED EDITION OF 3 “PRINTED ON HAHNEMUHLE ARCHIVAL PAPER SIGNED BY THE ARTIST” There is a framed picture of the art A button invites you to “purchase”