Level Up by Turing Fest

Level Up by Turing Fest is a new event at Turing Fest, particularly geared towards career development.

We were brought in to help develop a sub-brand that feels like an extension of Turing Fest but could stand comfortably on its own.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Technology
A concert crowd shot with blue lighting, overlaid with the “Level Up By Turing Fest” logo

The solution is in the problem. The name gave us all we needed to develop a visual language and design system based on a series of growing bars, indicating upwards and forwards direction.

A picture of a sign saying “Welcome to Level Up By Turing Fest Scotland's Career Event For Tech Professionals”, over a background of vertical stripes in different shades of blue
A triptych of three images of a gradient of blue stripes; first two horizontal, last one vertical.
A digital street poster with an advert for the event. Text includes “Accelerate Your Career”, “Scotland’s Career Event For Tech Professionals”, “LEVEL UP”, and event details.
A series of 4 promotional poster designs, laid out in a row. Posters are portrait orientation. First poster has the text “FIND YOUR WHY” in large type across the top, with the Level Up logo across the bottom, on a background of horizontal stripes in a series of shades of green. The second poster has the Level up logo repeated vertically down the height of the poster, in shades of grey, on a pink background. The third poster features a quote and profile picture of Meri Williams (CTO of Monzon Bank), on a Purple striped background. Quote text is: “Five Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner About Scaling Teams & Culture”. The final poster is an example of a COVID 19 poster, stating that as a precaution the event has been taken online.
An example of promotional swag; a blue ‘Level Up’ canvas bag
An example of promotional swag; a ‘Level Up’ promotional poster
A ‘Level Up’ lanyard for a speaker
An example of promotional swag; a ‘Level Up’ t-shirt in with horizontal stripes in shades of purple
A grid of 8 examples of promotional images generated for social media, usually consisting of text and images overlaid on a background of stripes in shades of purple (stripes are either in vertical or horizontal orientation). Images includes examples of speaker quotations, shots of speakers on stage, and details of pricing / event dates.
A photo of a talk being given; a crowd of approximately 40 attendees on wooden folding chairs facing a stage with a speaker and large monitor. Event is taking place in a refurbished industrial space, with exposed brick walls and steel support pillars.
A group photo of 5 attendees smiling at the camera, wearing ‘Level Up’ promotional t-shirts and event lanyards.