Surfboard are building a simpler, smarter and fairer team planning tool for customer service teams at scale.

We were brought on board to help with their product narrative and to design and build a new website.

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Sufboard’s logo - A yellow surfboard with a wave on it and “Surfboard” surrounded by icons for two surfers high-fiving, a fish looking at a laptop, a crab with a speech bubble, a surfer lying on a board and a lone surfer sit on a lemon background

We started by peeling off the layers of the problem Surfboard are solving to flip the usual product-centric website narrative on its head. For us, the story starts with showcasing a deep understanding of the problem space first. Only then do we introduce product features and how they lather up to a solution that seems almost inevitable.

A digital screenshot of a yellow screen with purple and yellow waves with the text “Happy team, Happy customers” and the tagline “A simpler, smarter and fairer team planning tool for customer service teams at scale”. A call-to-action button invites you to “Get started”
A tablet sits on an axis on a bright yellow background and proclaims “Bad scheduling is bad for everyone. Keeps your customers waiting and frustrates your team” and features of surfboard are listed.
A purple surfboard sits on a lemon background
A lilac screen with a long row stating “INTEGRATE It doesn't need to get worse to get better”Underneath this two boxes state “SETUP Set it and forget it” and “RUN Be good busy”
A mobile on a blue background shows an illustrated surfer with the text “We make scheduling work for you, your customers and your team We know that creating happy and healthy working environments result in great customer service. We call agents "surfers" in our platform” “Contacts come in waves, and surfers are the ones navigating these waves. We're providing them with the tool to be able to do this: the surfboard”
A mobile on a mint background shows vertical histograms with the text “Automated forecasting so you have the right coverage. Predict how many people will get in touch and how many people you will Need” and has a link to “Read more”
A desktop sits on a yellow background “Our pricing is as simple as our Product” with a surfer paddling on a board with price structures and call to actions state “Start free trial” and “Book a demo”

The final piece is to amplify and carry their playful brand voice through the site. They are human, but not flippant. Serious, but not too serious about themselves.

“Contacts come in waves, and. surfers are the ones navigating these waves.” sits under a navy surfboard on a yellow background
An illustration of a surfer
A digital screenshot of a webpagestating “We write about engineering” and links to articles. This is on a lilac background. A second portrait screenshot is of an article about “We’re Certified B Corp Pending!”
Icons for Surfboard on a blue screen
Two surfers high-fiving
Three crabs with speech bubble
Icons for Surfboard on a blue screen