Matter of Focus

Matter of Focus is an Edinburgh-based technology and consultancy firm founded by Dr Ailsa Cook and Dr Sarah Morton. They are on a mission to help organisations improve outcomes for people and communities.

We helped them find a new name, designed their new brand, website and marketing materials.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Website
  • Culture & Social Impact
  • Technology
An off-white page tells a user to “Focus on what matters”
“Outcome Focus” typography and logo
“Matter of Focus” typography and logo
“Matter of Focus” presentation slide on a blue background

Matter of Focus are used to communicating to two different groups of people: The practitioners and the stakeholders. The practitioners are direct users of their methods, services and products while the stakeholders tend to make decisions on an organisational level without necessarily being hands-on contributors.

We established The Fluffy-Serious Scale to bridge the gap between the two different audiences and identify clear ways of communicating across the board.

A scale showing “The Fluffy-Serious Scale”. There is illustrative text
A white background with purple text “Hello, I am Franca. I am the reasonable and sober baseline of all communications. It seems obvious at first but there are some fun quirks to discover that keep things a bit more friendly and human. ”
A white background with purple text “Hi. I'm Jabana. use me when there's no pen and paper around to make quick and concise points. You can highlight me for extra emphasis. PS: Don't overdo it, I might be pretty but I'm not the easiest to read.”
Ten vertical bands depicting the Matter of Focus colour palette
A white background with text in blue “Matter of Focus”

One of the main findings from all our conversations was the belief that Matter of Focus and their clients are in it together. Due to the nature of their work, there is no silver bullet to immediately finish a project; it is a guided journey they embark on together, often helping their clients to realign their direction as they go.

We decided to take this quite literally. The dotted line and freehand shapes push the hand-drawn and human approach whilst also showing a sense of direction. There is no clear beginning or end point, but a means of helping improve the process to arrive at a better solution.

An off-white page with the “The Journey” on it
A montage of various presentation screens for Matter of Focus
A landscape screen depicts a screenshot of the Matter of Focus “Improve outcomes for the people and communities you care about” page.
A landscape screen site on a lilac background. There is some illustrative text and abstract shapes
A mobile phone style screen depicts a carousel of cards. The screen is on a yellow background
A landscape screen depicts a screenshot of the Matter of Focus “Sharing thoughts on what matterst” page. The screen sits on a light blue background.
Three various device screens sit on a purple background.
Three various device screens sit on a beige background.
Three various device screens sit on a beige background.
Three carousels of various landscape screens sit on a diagonal axis

Working with More Yum on our rebranding was just brilliant. They took us on a really enjoyable, challenging and exciting journey to considering what kind of company we are, what we want to communicate to the world and what that means for our name and branding. At the end of that process we have a name, branding and overall look and feel that we love and that our clients have responded really positively to. What is more, going through the process has helped us hone in on what makes our company special, which is invaluable as we implement our content marketing strategy.

Dr Ailsa CookDirector, Matter of Focus