Who we are

We work with our clients to understand what makes their businesses better. Inside knowledge with outside perspective. 

A set of metal shelves, with various colourful design books and a potted plant

Deep immersion
We dont know your business as well as you do, but we know what questions to ask to get to the tasty bits. It is our job to listen to build a strong foundation for any work.

We have opinions
We have opinions about how the world should work and we stand by them. However, we are always willing to be proven wrong and take every opportunity to learn.

Learning by doing
We know what we know and want to learn what we don’t know. This is only possible by doing, and by building things in practice, not in theory. Design is strategy made real.

Inclusive collaboration
We have dedicated people for each project to make sure that everybody feels heard, and that your organisation and our company are on the same team.

We work across disciplines
Our teams work together from the beginning to make sure everything is equally informed by strategy, design and engineering. 

We build connections
Some of our relationships with our clients are older than our company, and we are proud to keep it that way.

Sprint, sprint, sprint
We build from the inside out, feature by feature. We ship and test along the way to continuously make the best decisions again and again.

Measurable results
We want to understand what success looks like for you, to inform us what we need to measure, to understand the impact of our work.

For humans, by humans
We will challenge each other’s ideas, push each other and, sometimes, we will get it wrong to get it right. We’re all human and that’s a good thing.

  • Aletheia Imaging
  • BBC
  • Beer52
  • Bowmore
  • Care Sourcer
  • Children’s Parliament
  • Dayshape
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Edinburgh Book Festival
  • Edinburgh College of Art
  • Facebook360
  • FreeAgent
  • FutureX
  • High Tide Media
  • Matter of Focus
  • MyelomaUK
  • Napier University
  • Outset Art
  • People’s Postcode Lottery
  • Queen Margaret University
  • Scotland CanB
  • Surfboard
  • ThatWorks.xyz
  • The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
  • The Scottish Government
  • The Scottish Youth Parliament
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • Turing Fest
  • TwoBigEars
  • Virgin Money
  • Youth Scotland

Our clients’ success is more important to us than any award. Having said that, our work has received recognition from The Scottish Design Awards, The Scottish Tech Startup Awards, Creative Edinburgh, The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries and has been featured in DesignWeek, SiteInspire, Awwwards, TheGallery.io, Fedrigoni365, Mindsparkle Mag and more.