Aletheia designs and builds bespoke X-ray Computer Tomography (CT) spatial targets for defect metrology. In short: They help manufacturers produce better and more reliable parts and improve their processes.

We helped them tell this complex story better with a refreshed look and feel and a new website.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Website
  • Technology
An image of a fan with ‘Alethia’ written on a blue background with “Designers and manufacturers of bespoke X-ray Computer Tomography (CT) spatial targets for defect metrology ”

Every fast growing startup is best-served with a set of tools they can use to help themselves, not a monthly retainer for every bit of work. With this in mind, we delivered a branded component library for the team at Aletheia to implement themselves, and to grow into.

A presentation slide with information on it by “Dr Andrew Bowfield Managing Director” “More Information If you would like more information about our products or understand further how they can help your business please get in touch with us via our email” “National Physics Laboratory (NPL) MMN XCT Seminar”
An “Alethia latest case study” block sits diagonally on a navy background.
A montage of Alethia branded products.
Two pictures of the Alethia team at work sit side by side on a background of machinery.
A tablet and pen sit on a cushion
A Red Bull racing car and a member of the Red Bull team
“Alethia” sits on a screen bisected with a blue block on the left stating “Designers and manufactures of bespoke X-ray Computer Tomography (CT) spatial targets for defect metrology.” and the second half has a rocket taking off
To tablets sits side-by-side on a yellow background. The tablet on the left hand side is in landscape for a landing page advertising a “National Physics Laboratory (NPL) MMN XCT Seminar” and a “Diamond Light Source 113 & Manchester University seminar” The tablet on the right hand side is in portrait mode and is explaining a Star Target and has a circle on it with a cross made of smaller crosses inside it.
An image of a plane
A hand holds a mobile phone looking at the Alethia site.